/* Changes */
Added Php-Ice 3.5 support.
Added murmur 1.2.8 support.
The code has been cleaned and transformed into a MVC structure, separation betwin PHP and HTML code.
Upgraded to HTML 5.
Added the possibility to indicate the path for Ice.php with PMA (it's not require anymore to do it in the php.ini).
    See configuration->settings->general.
The directory slice_php become slicesPhp and it's now only here to add custom slice-php files.
Removed the feature which disable a profile on invalid slice file, as is too agressive.
You can choose if you want to authorize mumble users authentication for PMA when a server is offline.
    (See configuration->settings->mumble accounts).
Improvement of mumble users channel viewer.
Admins registrations view has been reworked.
Print date in email headers.

    /* Bug fix */
Fix a security issue with "debug emails".
Fix some XSS issues.
Fix a bug with "last activity" in mumble registrations pages.
Fix a minor bug with who's online footer and mumble users.
Fix a lot a others minors bugs.